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It looks like we may be getting a couple more visitors to Hope Street.

The blog has been listed, for some indeterminate amount of time, on the Alumni Voices section of Bostonia, the alumni magazine of Boston University. You can also see it on the Bostonia home page if you scroll down to the very bottom.

(Hey, I got as good play on the page as John Silber did. Never would have imagined that when I was 20 years old.)

Greetings to any fellow BU alumni who might stop by. Check out the About page for some background; leave a comment if you want; and make yourselves at home.

It’s sort of a family-history-slash-American-history trip we do here. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s different, anyway, I think.

Be forewarned, though. I think a lot of my best stuff got written in the first year of this blog. A few hits from the archive you might enjoy checking out:

– School’s out.

– A pair of posts in which things get hot.

– Too much Robert Lowell and too much Old Overholt led to this one. I wash my hands of its parentage, me.

– Ladies and gentlemen … the Beatles.

– Progress marches forward, Sixties-style.

– Census working overtime.

Cheers. Hope to see you on Monday(s).

A little cross-promotion, too: If you like my writing (someone does, every so often), I write about the usual blogger’s ragbag of pop ephemera at another blog, Neck Pickup. Feel free to check that out too.

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