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I promised a better and more interesting birthday-related post a couple of days ago; see if this ain’t it.

This Independence Day marks the 100th birthday of my Great-Aunt Eleanor, born July 4, 1912, in Windsor County, Vermont. (Fourth of July 1912 in Vermont? I can almost hear the Charles Ives.)

To put things into Hope Street terms, her sister married the guy who kept the calendars.

Sisters Corinne and Eleanor in 1934…

… and 1993.

This makes her the second centenarian in my close family tree. My great-grandma, who lived to 107 and has been referenced in this space in the past, is the other.

But as they say, it’s not the days in the life that count, but the life in the days. I’m glad to report that Great-Aunt El is doing well for her age, very much tuned in, living near family while retaining some measure of independence.

Great-Aunt El is a woman of humor, spirit and resilience … and it is nobody’s fault but mine that I am not as close to her and her branch of the family as I could be.

It is a great pleasure to wish her a joyful 100th birthday, with hopes for many quality days and years to come.

Have a happy All-American Hundredth, Great-Aunt El.


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