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Bristling with merriment, full of good will,

As long as it’s up, there’s a holiday still.

Raise a tall fir or a small simulation; then

Ready yourself for the anticipation.

You know what I’m saying? Here’s more explanation:


Mass now ’round the Christmas tree, lively and bright,

And join in the chorus of Yuletide delight.

Napped with bright tinsel and shining glass balls,

In living room, dining room, front room or hall.

Let’s look at a gallery this midnight clear,

Of Christmas trees doodled with love and good cheer.

“We wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.”

Dec. 25, 1961

Dec. 25, 1962

Dec. 25, 1965

Dec. 25, 1966

Dec. 25, 1973

And a bonus picture from 1107 Hope Street, Christmas 1957:

Dec. 25, 1957

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